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Concordia Training Courses

Concordia Training is accredited to present a number of qualifications and unit standards using  internal and external facilitators. All of our training is delivered with the intention of providing a thorough educational experience for attendees.

  • Compartment planning for harvesting supervisors
  • Stem utilisation for supervisors
  • Chainsaw mechanic basics
  • Chainsaw mechanic for supervisors and management
  • Chainsaw handling basics
  • Chainsaw handling advanced
  • Chainsaw handling with machine assistance
  • Chainsaw handling for supervisors and management
  • Chain and guide bar maintenance
  • Log scaling: saw logs
  • Log scaling: poles
  • Log scaling: timber products
  • Log measure and recording
  • Choker setter with skidder machine
  • Choker setter with cable yarder
Driver Operator
  • Driving operator competency
  • Forklift handling
  • Three-wheel loader handling
  • Three-wheel loader handling for harvesting supervisors
  • Vehicle mounted knuckle boom loader handling in a production situation
  • Skidder handling: cable
  • Skidder handling: grapple
  • Skidder handling for harvesting supervisors
  • Tractor operator: basics
  • Tractor handling with skidding attachment
  • Operate a skidding machine fitted with a winch in machine assisted tree felling
  • Cable yarding extraction
  • Bulldozer handling
  • Grader handling
  • Unimog/fire truck handling
  • Code B, C1, C and EC driver’s license
Health, Safety And Nature Conservation
  • Basic safety for forestry workers
  • Health and safety representatives
  • OHSA – A management overview
  • Accident investigation
  • Planned Job observation
  • HIRA
  • Environmental awareness programme
  • Compartment planning for silviculture supervisors
  • Brushcutter handling basics
  • Marking for thinnings
  • Weed control for supervisors
  • Weed control – Manually
  • Weed control – Herbicide applicator
  • Maintenance of herbicide applicators
  • Responsible management of a herbicide store.
  • Environmental vegetation management course
  • Plant identification
  • Worksite management
Fire Prevention And Safety
  • Lookout personnel
  • Wildfire suppression: basic
  • Wildfire suppression: prototeam
  • Wildfire suppression: Crew Boss
  • Wildfire suppression: Fire Boss Level 1
  • Evaluation of plantation reaction plans
  • Fire awareness for plantations
  • Fire fighting basics for sawmills
Supervisor Course Management
  • Supervisor: basic
  • Supervisor: intermediate

Due to Concordia Training servicing the internal training needs of the MTO Group, training can be present at a cost-effective rate in groups or on a one-on-one basis.  Concordia trains according to operational, quality, safety and production standards, taking safe work procedures and best operating practices into consideration.  Facilitators can evaluate learners against these standard to determine shortcomings and identify refresher areas.

Course developers are responsible to keep up with the fast-paced and changing work environment, latest technology and the needs of both internal and external clients ensuring also that training material is kept profession, SETA acceptable and relevant.

Due to the scope of accreditation, Concordia Training Academy can offer various tailor-made skills programmes and have successfully completed the following:

      • General Forestry Skills Programme for Unemployed Learners
      • Rework Skills Programme
      • Foundation Leadership Programme
      • Apprenticeship Programmes
      • Learnerships in Sawmilling NQF 1 & 2